Who am I?

I'm a geek by education and trade, a BBQ'er by hobby.  I've been working in IT since a little before 2000, starting off as a PC tech and working my way up.  I've worked at a mixture of companies like Ulta, Chicago Tribune, OfficeMax (remember them?), and HIMSS.  I'm currently employed by Datrium, though the thoughts and ideas I share are my own and do not reflect upon them.  

I'm passionate about tech, specifically Infrastructure.  The cloud doesn't have to be scary, and my hope is to help people navigate everyday life outside of the cloud.

As for BBQ, it's a hobby I picked up about 5 years ago and haven't looked back.  I own 2 Weber Smokey mountain grills and a Green Mountain pellet smoker.  I would cook every day on that thing if I could!

I'm also a married father of 2 energetic girls, 3 and 2.  Family life is my everything, and I do everything with the view that it's to build a happy, healthy life for us all.